A Voice Calls Out To G-d





  1. The Fight of Returning To G-d

  2. The Advice of the Righteous

  3. Moshiach

  4. Escaping From Time

  5. Today

  6. The Gift of Forgetfulness

  7. Forget the Past and Start Again

  8. Hard Beginnings

  9. Imprints of Holiness

  10. Plain Talk with the Almighty

  11. Finding the Divine Presence

  12. A Time for Everything

  13. Don't Give Up

  14. Walking With G-d

  15. The Prayer Pipeline I

  16. The Prayer Pipeline II

  17. Conclusion

  18. Letters

  19. Some Short Prayers

  20. Ethics of Rabbi Nachman

      ▪️ Nice big print

      ▪️ 8.5 x 5.5 inches

      ▪️ Soft cover

      ▪️ 128 pages

      ▪️ 20 Chapters

      ▪️ Printed by Keren Hadfusa of Breslev

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