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געהעריגע פרייז $1.99
געהעריגע פרייז סעיל פרייז $1.99
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געהעריגע פרייז $1.99
געהעריגע פרייז סעיל פרייז $1.99

Revealing, and speaking about the truth of G-d's Being, and the simple faith in him, passed down through the generations; explaining how fortunate is the person who stands strong throughout all his trials, believing in G-d with complete simplicity, and drawing to himself the pleasant, sweet glow of faith in G-d.

▪️ Nice big print.

▪️ 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

▪️ Soft cover

▪️ 93 pages.

▪️ Printed by Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakodesh of Breslov.

  • Emunah
  • Hisbodedus
  • Mohorosh ZY"A