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געהעריגע פרייז $1.49
געהעריגע פרייז סעיל פרייז $1.49
Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakoidesh BreslevHappily Married
Happily Married
Getting Along
Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakoidesh BreslevGetting Along

This pamphlet raises awareness of the evil yetzer hora, who seeks to taint the eyes of the Jewish people; to tear them away from Hashem. It gives valuable chizuk to guard the eyes, and helpful advice on how to overcome difficult nisyonos.

▪️ Nice big print

▪️ 4.25 x 5.5 and 5.5 x 8.8 inches

▪️ Soft cover

▪️ Small 28 pages, LTR 20 pages

▪️ Printed by Keren Hadfusa of Breslov

  • Mohorosh ZY"A