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Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakoidesh BreslevDon't Be Disappointed
Don't Be Disappointed
Change For The Better
Keren Hadfusa Heichal Hakoidesh BreslevChange For The Better

The entire world is enveloped in a cloud of fear and anxiety due to the ‘corona-virus’ (Covid-19) and nobody can imagine what tomorrow will bring. How can we continue with our lives? How can we strengthen one another during such difficult times? This booklet provides guidance and Chizuk to overcome the fear and panic, and to remain strong in every situation.

▪️ Nice big print

▪️ 5.5 x 4.25 inches

▪️ Soft cover

▪️ 26 pages

▪️ Printed by Keren Hadfusa of Breslov.

  • Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a